AirDrain Drainage System

Our AirDrain™ drainage system creates an air void so water, snow and urine can be washed down through the synthetic turf to avoid saturation of the synthetic turf. It also creates a channel to convey the rain water directly to drains.


Patio Grass® AirDrain™
Geocell System


with optional padding

Installing AirDrain™Drainage System on a rooftop 

AirDrain™ is an ideal drainage system for rooftop or over concrete applications, whether it’s for decorative and/or constant use.



Drainage for Synthetic Turf Rooftops, Decks, 
Concrete Patios 
and Playgrounds

AirDrain™ performs exceptionally installed under Synthetic Turf Rooftops, Patios, Concrete Decks,  Compacted Aggregate Base, K9 Pet Relief Areas, Dog Kennels, Playgrounds and other specialty applications for both commercial and residential needs.


K9 Areas

Drainage for Synthetic Turf Pet Areas, Dog Runs & Kennels

AirDrain™ for K9 Pet Relief Areas, Pet Playgrounds, Dog Runs, Airport Pet Relief Areas, Kennels, and More… This is the ideal synthetic drainage system used in dog day care facilities, pet playgrounds, airport dog potties and general use common areas for dogs all across America.

AirDrain™ is made in the USA with the highest quality 100% post-manufactured industrial recycled content. Due to 92% air void underneath the turf, unwanted waste can be washed away quickly by using an easily installed flushing system.

This flushing system attaches to any water source and uses inexpensive PVC piping around the perimeter of the grid. 



• Light enough for any roof applications

• Elevated panels keep people and pets high and dry

• Rapid vertical and horizontal drainage

• Installing Patio Grass AirDrain™ for rooftops results in a more stable surface area and a more consistent GMAX across the project. AirDrain™ delivers a 14.7% reduction on cement and a 19% reduction on an aggregate base in GMAX. And that reduction and consistency will stay for the life of the field with AirDrain 

• Click on the pdf link below for ASTM D4716 Flow Rate per Unit Width and Hydraulic Transmissivity Testing for actual drainage capacity, at a 1/2% slope. The AirDrain will actually drain 171 inches per hour.


• Designated for areas where maximum drainage and all-weather use is imperative. 

•  Can be used to span over unwanted utility obstacles with pedestals or joists

• AirDrain™ is capable of holding .576 gallons of
water per sq. ft. if needed until it can evacuate from the green roof to the perimeter exit drains, which is a holding capacity equal to approximately 6 inches of compacted gravel. 

• Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers the AirDrain™ grid is 1" high, extremely light weight at 3.1 lbs per 7 sq. ft., 233 psi (unfilled) and has a 92% air void.