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Exceptional Drainage 


Whether you are relaxing on your revamped patio deck with your pets and kids or hosting a rooftop soiree, Patio Grass® keeps things comfy and soft for everyone. Patio Grass® creates a stunning, lush green, natural look while providing  excellent drainage and a durable, sustainable outdoor surface.

Exceptional Drainage

One of the benefits of artificial turf is that it drains completely. When your family and friends climb in and out of the pool, they won’t track dirt or wet grass all over, onto the pool decking, into the pool, or even into the house.



• Light enough for most roof applications

• 100% UV Resistant
• Elevated panels keep people and pets high and dry

• Rapid vertical and horizontal drainage

• Transforms unusable space to prime real estate

• Provides a venue to host events for commercial properties adding a revenue source



Patio Grass® increases living space and usable square footage. Designed for a variety of uses, Patio Grass® is great for balconies and rooftops, patios, play areas, parties, photo shoots, and just about anything you can think of! Our premium indoor/outdoor synthetic turf is weatherproof, UV resistant, 100% lead-free, soft, lush, and extremely durable.

Patio Grass® can transform urban, residential and commercial outdoor spaces into stunning areas. There are many creative possibilities for Patio Grass®. Paired with our AirDrain™ drainage system,
Patio Grass® can be installed anywhere.

 Perfect for Patios and Decks and Dog Areas


Go Green!

Patio Grass® requires no water, requires no maintenance, no (re)staining and no weather guard. In applications around the pool, you can rest assured that Patio Grass® cannot be damaged by chemicals.  Patio Grass® products have a very long life span, which makes this an eco-friendly solution for homeowners and commercial applications.

 A soft and safe surface around Pools.

Safe and Durable

Artificial grass makes a gorgeous addition to your pool area
The chemicals in your pool won’t damage your Patio Grass. Our Artificial turf is a safe, non-slip surface, which makes it ideal for use around a pool area. A non-slip surface is critical around pool areas, which can quickly become wet and hazardous. Since artificial turf does not grow as hot as concrete, it’s a better option than concrete or brickwork.

Another benefit of artificial turf is that it will stand up just about anything nature or your family, friends and pets can throw at it like UV rays, summer heat, water, kids, high traffic wear and tear, chemicals, bleach and dogs. It won’t move, mold, fade or break down. Once installed, Patio Grass offers a permanent, long lasting outdoor surface that can be enjoyed for many, many years, maintenance free!



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